David Mamet’s First Theatrical Feature Since 2008 Moves Forward / The Dissolve

2008 was also the year he wrote an essay in The Village Voice titled Why I Am No Longer A Brain-Dead Liberal, and most of the attention hes attracted since then has been for his frequentlyexpressed, relatively newfound conservative viewpoint. Following this years tepidly received HBO biopic Phil Spector, Mamets poised toreturn to making movies for the big screen with Blackbird. The films making entertainment-industry headlines this week because The Solution Entertainment Groupfounded in January of last year and focused on gaining financing for movies through foreign saleshas stepped in to pick up the international sales rights, helping the production prepare for its January starting date. The films been inching towardproduction, with Cate Blanchett announced as the lead way back in May. Blackbird will star Cate Blanchett as Janet, a woman who learns after traveling tohis funeral that her grandfather wasnt just a Hollywood special-effects guy, but worked for Special Forces andmay have been involved in JFKs assassination, a discovery that puts her in danger. Its a quintessential suspense thriller in the vein of Mamets other great work, The Spanish Prisoner, says producer Said Ben Said, suggesting proselytizing isnt on the agenda for this production. The production will mark not just Mamets first theatrical feature in years but Cate Blanchetts first film to be shot in her native Australia since 2005s crime drama Little Birds. Sydney will double for Los Angelespartly for the tax breaks, partly so Blanchett can be near her family.
Pour voir l’article original, cliquez ici http://bit.ly/1fGdBBA


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