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Hospital Specialists Help Remind The Sickest Kids They’re Still Kids Improving the communication between doctors and hospitals to limit repeat tests and unnecessary procedures for medically complex children could save Medicaid $13 billion over 10 years, according to a recent study by CHA. But Matt Salo, who runs the National Association of Medicaid Directors, worries that while making care more efficient is a worthy goal, it could come at a price. “It’s important to think about health care spending not as competing for infinite dollars where everyone gets everything they want,” says Salo. “Health care is, unfortunately, a limited pool of funds. So carving out additional dollars for one group may well mean that another group gets lessalow-income frail seniors or individuals with physical disabilities.” In her new role running the children’s hospital in Little Rock, Doderer says she’ll continue her push for better care. For Katie, it means a new school, new friends and a new set of doctors. “She has challenging days,” Marcy says of Katie. “It’s not easy walking around with a ventilator, and you don’t get to go swimming or have normal sleepovers with your friends.
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News – LSD Is Good For Your Health—Researchers Say

A sweeping drive, English roses and manicured lawns are the setting for this ivy-clad Somerset retreat, where white bathrobes are the recommended attire. A tour of the red-stone property reveals a spa and therapy centre, where there are over 20 individual treatment rooms dedicated to ESPA, Clarins and complementary therapies. Facilities include an indoor pool, an outdoor pool (summer only), Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, plus a gym where specialised classes are held daily. Adjacent to the pool, a sizeable conservatory provides a light and relaxing spot for dozing & thumbing magazines, with views over the 44-acre estate. Not simply a spa but a health farm, everything about Cedar Falls Health Farm & Spa is focused on wellness. Individual consultations will help you to determine the perfect eating and fitness plans (don’t worry, cakes are not off-bounds). Our offers comprise a stay in a Classic room with the option to add a Dry Floatation treatment. All four offers include the use of all the facilities, plus access to exercise classes and healthy meals included. Good to know Stay two nights and we’ll include all meals, from dinner on the day of arrival to breakfast on the day of departure.
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“There were no significant associations between lifetime use of any psychedelics, or use of LSD in the past year, and increased rate of any of the mental health outcomes,” Pal-rjan Johansen and Teri Krebs from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim concluded in their study. “Rather, in several cases psychedelic use was associated with a lower rate of mental health problems.” For the study, the researchers analyzed data on the more than 130,000 Americans who took drug use surveys between 2001 and 2004, of which 22,000 had used a psychedelic drug at least once. “Despite popular perceptions, expert harm assessments have not demonstrated that classical serotonergic psychedelic substances such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline are demonstrated to cause chronic mental health problems,” Johansen said. “Everything has some risk: psychedelics can elicit temporary feelings of anxiety and confusion, but accidents leading to serious injury are extremely rare,” Krebs added. “Over the past 50 years tens of millions of people have used psychedelics and there just is not much evidence of long-term problems.” She said that their results were consistent with the guidelines of the UN, EU, US, and UK official drug education programs. Johansen said that earlier studies which demonstrated that psychedelic drugs damaged mental health had been based on a small number of case reports from patients who were already mentally ill. “Both mental illness and psychedelic use are prevalent in the population, likely leading to many chance associations,” he said. He pointed out that about three percent of people suffer a psychotic disorder over their lifetimes, while as many as one in six Americans have taken psychedelic drugs. Moreover, as the use of psychedelics and the onset of mental illness both tended to take place in late adolescence, mistaken causal inferences had often been made.
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